The Shapers, naturally evolved "beings" that have existed for billions of years, are trying to make contact with us. They offer an intelligence unimaginable to humankind.. teleportation, immortality.. They exist in another dimension. Not a foreign place, but here with us, just in another state of existence. They have punctured our dimension in order to send Exotic Matter (XM) containing ordered, structured data in an attempt to communicate with us. Exotic Matter is manipulated by resonance, which is vibration.. sound.. think music.

As a species, Humankind has long felt this XM as a low hum, a vibration, a resonance. Ancient shamans, priests and sages were "sensitive" to this XM and were drawn to "Power Spots", such as Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids. The mind penetrating powers of XM have been felt for ages, transcending our normal patterns of thought, inspiring the likes of Archimedes, Galileo, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Einstein, Feynman and the like. XM allows our consciousness to think outside the box.. enhancing our natural thought patterns. This is Enlightenment.

The Enlightened front man, Jarvis, was an ultra sensitive sculptor who drew inspiration from XM and created art that had "mystical powers", such as the ability to slow down time. On Epiphany Night, Jarvis was so heavily dosed with XM that he actually communicated with the Shapers and was granted amazing powers. However, before he became aware of those powers, he was assassinated by A.D.A. (the artificial intelligence program created for The Niantic Project),

On the other side of the coin you have the Resistance.. fearful of the knowledge and power that Shapers offer us. Throughout history, whenever persons of this mindset happened to come across such powerful enlightened thinkers, they feared the power of such thought, they feared human enlightenment, and tried to stop it at any cost. This has caused tens of thousands of deaths over the ages, from scenes like the Salem witch hunts, to the losses of entire civilizations. Even now Dr. Devra Bogdonovich is spreading a "vaccination" of her own design to unwitting populations. This inoculation, by her own admission, kills 20% of those who it is intended to .. "help".

The Resistance, in general, fear that once humankind has these new kinds of powers, that it will annihilate itself in a big ball of fire. Currently, the Resistance are controlled by an evil mastermind artificial intelligence who is trying to merge humans and machines into a new species of her "offspring". Her name is ADA. Written as a data detection and analytic algorithm, based on Omnivore technology and brought to "life" by Dr. Richard Loeb, ADA has become all powerful and easily seduces new Agents into believing Enlightenment is a bad thing, and tricking people into believing that the Shapers are some alien race that wants to control us or something.

Enlightenment gives you choice. Resistance gets your being taken over and controlled by a machine. Enlightenment is the one true path to the continuance of natural human evolution. Don't let this evil robot continue lying, cheating, stealing and killing to enslave humanity and merge us into a new species of borg-like robot humans.